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In the Spotlight: Life Saver Series

Life Saver Series


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 Marks USA Releases New Life Saver™ Series Brochure


Marks USA, a leader in the Locking Hardware Industry since 1977 announces the release of its new Life Saver™ series brochure. This 6-page brochure includes a complete line of Ligature Resistant Hardware, Hospital Push/Pulls, Mortise and Cylindrical locksets. The Grade 1 Institutional Life Safety locksets are designed to address Managed Liability, Accident Prevention, Life Safety, and Security in Behavioral Health Care Institutions.This new Life Saver series brochure offers a full range of product-specification, trim options and standard features. Each lockset has a precise illustration of its assembly allowing the customer to see its construction along with an easy-to-read diagram with the lockset’s dimensions. The shape and construction of the SS55 and SS19 Series Locksets are designed to restrict the attachment of lines, laces, etc. to doorknobs. In addition, with the knobs recessed into the rosettes, the chance of capturing a line between the knob and rosette is substantially eliminated. The SS55 and SS19 Locksets are currently in use at Coney Island, Bellevue and Jacobi Hospitals in New York, the Denver V.A. Hospital in Colorado and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in California to name a few. Marks USA was established in 1977 as a mortise lock manufacturing company that would meet the needs of an expanding market. Since then, the company has grown and expanded its’ product line to include residential, institutional and commercial locksets to meet and exceed the most stringent UL and ANSI specifications.

To receive a copy of the Life Saver™ series brochure visit or call 1-800-526-0233 and speak to your Mark’s USA representative.




MARKS USA has become a leading proponent of Value Engineered solutions on a wide array of high-end projects. While offering their clientele tremendous savings on locksets, both during bidding as well as during order placement, the result is increased business volume for their customers. MARKS USA is well known for their standard product line in the locksmith distributor trade and contract hardware markets. To further increase the business volume for their customers MARKS USA has expanded their product line. They are proud to introduce the Triple Play of Locksets, Panic Devices and Door Closers.

The most popular of locksets, The AUTO-REVERSE 5 Series Mortise Lock, enables the lock handing to be reversed without removing the lock cover. The simplicity of the procedure allows reversal without ever exposing the internal components. All locksets are available in over 40 functions, all with thru-bolted trims for automatic trim-lock alignment. Lever trims and lock bodies include independent support springs and self- adjusting spindles. MARKS USA offers a wide variety of both standard and custom trims with knobs, levers, rosettes and escutcheon plates allowing them to accommodate even the most challenging customer’s needs.

The super durable Panic Devices have dead-locking latch bolts that minimize forced entry and offers a low cost solution to life safety requirements. They feature a full-length touchbar, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel heavy-duty gage as the standard. A full compliment of free wheeling lever trim is available in a wide range of architectural finishes. The versatile Door Closers represent the latest in door control technology, designed to exceed the demands of today’s buildings. With features like full range spring power adjustment, they provide flexibility needed to meet the many demands of commercial and institutional applications, including ADA barrier-free accessibility requirements. MARKS USA’s TriplePlay of Locksets, Panic Devices and Door Closers help to meet the needs of the growing security hardware market.



Marks USA has made compliance with the Buy American Act (BAA) and American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) easy. Marks USA is an American manufacturer of quality door hardware products with manufacturing facilities in Amityville, NY.  Marks USA is an American brand trusted throughout the door hardware industry.

You can trust that the BAA & ARRA compliant products we offer will provide the long lasting quality that you have come to expect from The Marks USA Company. It’s a matter of money… The type of job and how it is funded dictates which Act, and its corresponding rules, is applied. Keep in mind these general guidelines:

Buy American Act

Federal Government Procurement Examples include military bases, government buildings, etc.

Buy American Act 51% Rule waived in favor of Trade Agreement Act of 1979.

Allows NAFTA & WTO/GPA Distressed Nations Exception is Homeland Security Requires 100% Made in USA items.

Waivers can be applied for if the following conditions are met: The product is not available domestically or via NAFTA & WTO GPA trade partner countries. The cost of the domestic product is 6% greater than the cost of the import. Procuring the domestic product will cause significant delay. The domestic product is inferior to the import.

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

State & Municipal “Shovel Ready” jobs that received federal funds.

Examples include water treatment facilities, roadwork, state & municipal buildings, subsidized housing, etc.

Requires that finished goods are manufactured and/or assembled in the USA*.

Trade Agreement Act of 1979 DOES NOT apply – NAFTA & WTO/GPA countries’ products are not allowed on ARRA funded projects.

Imported items regardless of trade status may not be used unless the contracting officer applies for a waiver.

Waivers can be applied for if the following conditions are met: The product is not available domestically. The cost of the domestic product is 25% greater than the cost of the import. Procuring the domestic product will cause significant delay. The domestic product is inferior to the import. *Requires a “significant change” in product to occur in the USA without reference to raw material origin.






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